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  • Goat Cheese Dip served
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Graydons Crossing


Our story

Graydon's Crossing has a cozy global pub atmosphere with a perfect balance of traditional foods. The variety is endless with our chef's world-inspired monthly offerings and unique daily specials. Take advantage of our brunches and the eclectic choices of traditional and globally inspired breakfast options every Saturday and Sunday. Graydon's Crossing also offers 46 beers on tap, an extensive selection of microbrew and imported beers, as well as a unique selection of wines. Outdoor dining options are available, and reservations are welcomed!

Our chef has created a menu that emulates traditional English fare while maintaining the American tradition of improving on the classics to suite the higher standards of present day cuisine. Even though our menu reflects classic English dishes, we've also been influenced by the days of the British colonies in India, where colonists learned to appreciate the many spices and curries that soon worked their way back to England and onto the supper tables. So sit back, relax, have a pint, and prepare to experience a menu for which the Brits would gladly cross the Atlantic.