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Chef's Select Creations

8 Seasonal Culinary Delights...for this month only!

Strawberry Pea Soup ~ 4.75 Cup ~8.5 Bowl
Fresh Strawberries and Peas Pureed with Fresh Basil, Mint, Lime Juice, and Coriander served Chilled
topped with Diced Fresh Strawberries and Basil Chiffonade
V, VG, SF, LS, GF -See Server

Indian Pork Rillettes ~11
A Rustic Pâté made from Pork that's been poached in its own fat, seasoned with Sumac and Marjoram served with a Side of Naan Bread and a Cardamom-Brown Sugar Peach Jam garnished with Local Pea Shoots
SF, LS, GF -See Server

Sweet Pea and Carrot Arancini ~10.75
Dumplings of Risotto with Peas and Carrots, Breaded and Fried served over a Sweet Pea Coulis and a Roasted Carrot Puree topped with Shaved Asiago and a Balsamic Reduction

BBBLT ~12.75
House-made Beer Bacon, Mud Lake Greens, Sliced Tomato, and a Hopped Bacon Aioli served on Field and Fire Italian Bread with a Side of Chipotle Pasta Salad

Small Plates

Smoked Baby Backs ~14
Braised and Smoked Baby Back Ribs smothered in a Jus Barbeque Sauce served with a Jalapeno Cornbread
Shirred Eggs and Asparagus ~13
Eggs Baked in an Herbed Cream Sauce served with Grilled Asparagus and Little Rooster Fermented Multigrain Toast with a Side of House-made Strawberry Jalapeno Jam
V, SF, LS, GF -See Server

Large Plates

Jimmy's Shrimp Scampi ~14.5
Garlic Butter Shrimp, Shallots, Sautéed Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes Orecchiette Pasta, White Wine, Herbed Grapefruit Oil topped with Asiago

Andouille Stuffed Trout ~17
House-made Andouille Sausage stuffed Rainbow Trout served Over Dirty Rice, topped with Remoulade
with a Side of Fried Okra

Chef's Daily Inspiration ~ Market Price

Ask your server what our culinary team has created for you today!
Your server can suggest a beer or wine also….just ask!!!

Chef's Select Side Inspirations

Dirty Rice ~3

Chipotle Pasta Salad ~4

Fried Okra & Remoulade ~4

Roasted Carrot Puree & Crostini ~3

V = vegetarian…VG = vegan or can be made so… SF = contains a super food
GF = can be made gluten-free, ask your server how …
LS = over 75% sourced from local & sustainable farms