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Liquid Love

Best of Both Worlds!

*Good N' Plenty ~ Framboise with a shot of Sambuca
*Warm Apple Pie ~ St. Julian Gunga Din with a shot of Fireball
Berries N' Cream ~ Framboise & Atwater Vanilla Porter
*Werther's Not So Original ~ Old Rasputin with a shot of Pearl Caramel Vodka
*The Tuxedo ~ Guinness Stout with a shot of Vanilla Stoli
Fruity Delight ~ St. Julian's Gunga Din Crisp Apple Cider & Lindeman's Frambois
*Cappuccino~ Atwater Vanilla Java with a shot of Bailey's

*All Concoctions are served in a glass, unless denoted by "*" which indicates it is served in a Tulip